Safeguarding Advice to Parents – Smart Phones

From a recent article in The Telegraph.

Parents face arrest if their kids are caught ‘sexting’, warn police

Police have warned parents they could be arrested and have their homes raided if their children send sexually explicit images on mobile phones they pay for. Parents who sign for mobile phone contracts on behalf of their children are liable for any ‘sexting’ images shared by teenagers, police said today. A senior detective said police could then raid family homes, seize computers and phones and arrest ‘innocent’ parents as part of their criminal inquiries.
The warning, intended to alert mothers and fathers to the growing problem of teenagers who share ‘nude selfies’, risked deterring vulnerable children from contacting parents and authorities, said one of Britain’s leading child safeguarding experts. The threat could prevent children coming forward for fear of dragging their parents into a police investigation.

Please ask us if you have any concerns or questions about this or any other Safeguarding concern by ringing Dartington – 01803 865580 and asking to speak to Debbie Chalk, the Designated Safeguarding Lead or one of the Deputy Safeguarding Leads:

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